1. How does HomeMeal work?

    After you download our app, you’ll see listed meals with all the important information e.g. details, location, ingredients, allergens and time where you can pick-up the meal in your neighbourhood. Some of the meals can be ordered delivered, most of them can be picked up - depending on the chef. After you place your order you’ll be able to communicate with your chef about pick-up details.

  2. How can I join HomeMeal as a chef?

    To join HomeMeal as a chef, you need to signup on our website by clicking on the "Become a chef" button on the top menu. You will fill a detailed form and we will contact you once we have the capacity to operate in your area.

  3. Do you deliver meals?

    Some of our chefs do deliver the meals themselves. We (HomeMeal) do not deliver the food. The meals which are eligible for delivery has a tag of (Delivery) on them. It is a pilot feature as on 13 March 2021 and not yet fully developed.

  4. What is the "pre-order" meal?

    Not all meals are active. Those meals which show "3+" on the top left corner are called active meals. Those meals can be ordered now and you will be able to pick them up at your given time. Pre-order meals are those, which chefs can cook sometime but haven't decided when so they did not put them as an active order with quantity. It is just to convey to you that the chef can cook that meal too if you want to request it. You can pre-order meals on your own time. The chef will accept or reject the meal. You will be able to contact the chef via WhatsApp after pre-ordering. Pre-ordered meals are shown in your "active meals" tab.

  5. How do I pay for my order?

    For now, you pay directly to the chef in cash when you pick up the food. We will add online payment options soon.

  6. Why meals are very far?

    We are operating in the Schöneberg and Mitte districts of Berlin only. If you are living in other areas, you might find the chefs a little far from your place.

  7. What kind of food can I find on the App?

    Most of the meals are those, which aren't available in any restaurants.

    Our cooks offer their authentic food, usually from the country & culture where they grew up, and bring it to you through traditional recipes. If the chef is vegan, the offered food will be his/her best vegan creations. In the App, you can see detailed ingredients and allergens for every meal.

  8. How soon do I have to place my order?

    All of our dishes can be ordered in advance. Only some of them - depending on the chef - can also be ordered on-demand. In both cases, you can find the dishes listed on the app and the last order time for each of them. The last order time varies from chef to chef and you can find it in the meal details.

  9. What happens after I have placed the order?

    Once you place the order, the chef is notified. After a few seconds, you will get an order confirmation email. Once the order is placed, you have to pick it up at a dedicated time.

  10. When can I pick up the food?

    When ordering, you’ll be asked to insert the pick-up time. This information will be sent to the chef who’ll have your food ready at this exact time. On the app, you have the option to contact the chef.

  11. Will my food be fresh and ready to eat?

    Yes, of course. No matter if pre-ordered or on-demand, our chefs cook every dish fresh for you to be ready at your pick-up time.

  12. What if there is an issue with your order?

    Please feel free to reach out to us at info@homemealdeal.com. We are happy to help you! If there is something when you have to contact the chef, you can Whatsapp them directly.

  13. What is the order cancellation policy?

    You can not cancel the order in the current version of the app. (as of 13 March 2021) It is that way because we do not charge you on the app. You can communicate with the chef directly via Whatsapp in this case. If you wish to cancel the order, please write to us at info@homemealdeal.com and we will cancel the order manually.

  14. Can I contact the chef directly?

    Yes, communication between you and the chef is possible via WhatsApp and you find the number on the meal card after you have placed an order.

  15. Can I leave a rating or review for my chef?

    Yes! As soon as you pick up the food, you will be shown an option to rate the meal and chef.

  16. What is your cook vetting process?

    At HomeMeal we are committed to doing things responsibly, and most importantly, safely. Since our very first beginnings, we’re working closely with authorities (“Ordnungsamt”, “Gesundheitsamt”, “Lebensmittelaufsichtsamt”) to ensure all safety standards are met. That means our cooks must first fill out our registration form, do an assessment call with us, register their business, and provide the "red card" & proof of food safety training. Every cook gets an extensive document with all the hygiene guidelines, legal and other requirements that need to be met, and papers signed.

  17. How do you ensure the quality of the food?

    HomeMeal is a marketplace to match you with the chef. We follow all the hygiene guidelines and we are proud that our chefs have cleaner kitchens than restaurants. Our chefs can be inspected by the authorities and we fulfil the same requirements as restaurants do. We are not responsible for end food quality because we do not cook the food ourselves. If you are dissatisfied with your order, you can contact our customer service on WhatsApp directly.

  18. Who are HomeMeal chefs?

    They are trained individuals who are already sharing their culinary passion and talent with friends and family or customers and love cooking. Most of our home chefs are:

    • Professional chefs who lost their jobs during corona and they had no investment opportunity to run their own restaurant. We provide them this opportunity to cook and sell the food from their own kitchen.
    • Foodpreneurs, who already run their own catering operations or sharing their food at local markets/personal channels and would like to grow their business;
    • Food industry professionals who want to avoid the intense demands of the restaurant industry, but still want to cook for a living and express their creativity.


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