How does it work?

1. You list your favourite dishes on HomeMealDeal.
2. Food lovers from around your area order your dishes on HomeMealDeal.
3. They come and collect their order at a designated time and you get paid!

Meet some of our partner cooks

"I made € 1600 last month selling my favourite dishes on HomeMealDeal" - Clara

"I set up my home kitchen business and shared my passion with Berliners as well as made great money." - Anvita

"I created a stable home kitchen business and make € 1900 every month" - Joelynn

The best part about HomeMealDeal

1. Be your own boss
Decide how much to cook, when, what, etc.

2. Grow your business
Make up to €2,000 per month with minimal investment

3. Build your brand
Reach 10,000+ food lovers across Berlin

4. Share your passion
Share your favourite dishes with the world


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